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Welcome to our new website!

Let us introduce you to our new website and the services we offer!

After going so smoothly through all the beautiful pages of our new website, you now have at least a small idea of who I am. I would be honored if you would follow me on social media so we can get to know each other even better and delight you with beauty, smiles and lots of emotions.

Our wedding agency was created with a lot of love, hard work and an unending desire to delight more and more couples on their unforgettable day! Our strength lies in organizing stylish, beautiful and unique weddings! We are also involved in organizing various personal events and corporate events. And the decorations we create are just the icing on the cake that will make your every special occasion perfect!

What makes us different?

My wish is that this blog is not like the standard ones, with guidelines on how to organize your wedding or what are the trends for the year, but to share with you interesting and fun situations that my team and I experience while organizing or decorating a certain celebration. Many of my newlywed friends and I talk about how at some point when I get older, I'm going to write a book describing critical and comical situations because believe me - there are a lot of them. I hope you like my idea, and also have a heartfelt laugh while reading them.

But I don't promise you that everything I will tell you will be funny. In every profession/job, there are many difficult and stressful moments. In ours too... Now, looking back and remembering some of those, I smile. Because despite the stress, they have taught me, built me as a better professional and taught me that in times of crisis I need to pull myself together and have my feet firmly on the ground to have the best possible reaction.

Here is the time to THANK all the couples who have taught me that I can...

Here is also the moment to THANK all my colleagues in the wedding industry who believed in me, accepted me as a friend and have always supported me.

Thank you wonderful people!

Thank you for being with me!

Thank you for your trust!

Thank you for who I am now!

I hug you,

Tanya Valkova