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Tanya Valkova, creator of Emotion Wedding Agency, is known for her ability to create weddings that exude elegance and charm. Her creative approach and keen eye for design allow her to transform venues into enchanting spaces that captivate guests. With a commitment to personalized service, she works closely with couples to tap into their vision and bring their dreams to life. From concept development to flawless execution, Tanya Valkova is dedicated to organizing weddings and events that leave a lasting impression. Translated with (free version)

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Ivet & Alexander
Dilyiana Mikova
Antoan Dimitrov
Borislava Dimitrova
Antonia Georgieva
Evgeniya Vlahovska
Ani Petkova

Wonderful Tancheeee, huge thanks for all your efforts and for all the unique results! You made our celebration even more wonderful and unforgettable! Thank you very much! Everything was amazing as you! Thank you to the entire team at Emotion Event Wedding Agency!

Ivet & Alexander Wedding - 22.09.2022

I trusted Emotion Event Wedding Agency for the decorations of our wedding reception, as well as all the little details of the rituals, bouquet, boutonnieres, etc. I was delighted with the result! The dedication with which Tanya works as well as her entire team is impressive! From just a few pictures, I understood what the concept was and what we wanted with the groom. Being a great professional, she elaborated on the idea and offered me options that made the end result perfect! She was constantly on top of me, my bridal worries and woes, and gave me peace of mind and confidence that everything was going to be ok! Thank you for helping to make our wedding day perfect! Translated with (free version)

Dilyiana Mikova Wedding - 13 май 2023

Emotions, dreams come true and only the best - this is Emotion Event wedding agency! Our wedding turned into a real fairy tale thanks to the impeccable professionalism and warm attitude. From start to finish, the Emotion Event Wedding Agency team was there for us, fulfilling our every wish with a smile and exceptional attention to detail. The decor was exactly what we had imagined and the atmosphere was full of magic and joy. The professionalism of the team brought our complete peace of mind and confidence. We didn't worry about anything because we knew everything was under control and would be perfect. If you are looking for a wedding agency to make your fairytale wedding a reality, Emotion Event is the perfect choice. Thank you for their warm attitude, professionalism and for making our day so special!

Antoan Dimitrov Сватба - 11.02.2024

Whatever I say will not be enough. From the very first moment I saw Tanceto with her positivity and smile, I told myself this is the guy, and we weren't wrong! Throughout the preparation she was always there for us and always ready to help with anything until the last moment, and on the day itself, somehow being there and looking at her makes you feel more at ease. Our wedding was more than I could have imagined and dreamed of (fabulous)! The decorations , the organization - all our guests were delighted ! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything !!!! Unique! We are so glad we chose you - Emotion Event wedding agency!

Borislava Dimitrova Wedding - 11.02.2024

Whatever I write will not be enough. Tanya is one of the most radiant people I have ever met. One can immediately sense that she does everything with so much love and dedication. The decorations at our wedding exceeded all our expectations and all the guests were more than delighted. I recommend Tanya and the entire team at Emotion Event Wedding Agency to everyone from the bottom of my heart! You will not regret it!

Antonia Georgieva Wedding - 16.09.2023

Amazing wedding agency and great team. They made our wedding unforgettable and filled with emotion and memories that years later still warm our hearts! I would definitely recommend to trust them.

Evgeniya Vlahovska Wedding - 15.08.2020

The most positive professional wedding planner, knows, knows how and combines everything with love and makes the most cherished dreams of every bride and groom come true. You can boldly trust her for your wedding day without any worries, she will make magic magic and turn it into an unforgettable moment.

Ani Petkova Wedding - 13.08.2022

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The wedding team plays an important and irreplaceable role in the organization and execution of this extraordinary moment in the lives of two people. From the professional skills of the photographers and videographers to the art of colors and flavors provided by the catering/restaurant, every member of the team contributes to the uniqueness of the event. We at the Emotion Event wedding agency know that on this day the only important thing is you, and our task is to make your celebration even more exciting and smiling. Therefore, we have prepared for you a few important things that you should know when choosing your wedding outfit. First and foremost - the Wedding Planner/ Wedding Agent is the one who makes it all possible, coordinating all aspects from planning to the day of the event. His experience and attention to detail ensure that everything runs smoothly and to the newlyweds' expectations. He is the one to whom you have told for at least a few hours how you envision this day, what you value most, what you have to take into account (an elderly relative or intolerance between certain guests), what you are ready to compromise with and what NOT etc. etc…. – The organizer is the person who will get to know you best, so that he can correctly select his team proposals for you. From the very beginning, you understand that the organizer must not only "understand" weddings, but also be at least 50% psychologist. Therefore, choose your wedding agent carefully, because you will have to trust him 1000%. The wedding photographer and videographer are the ones who capture every emotion and important moment, sealing them for eternal memories. Their skills are not only taking beautiful photos and film, but also in capturing the most genuine and sensual moments that will be the beginning of your marriage story. The fact that they are creative (like the florist) is undeniable, because we all see unique wedding photos on the Internet. BUT, don't forget that in order to have such a photo, the photographer spends a lot of time choosing the location, idea, lighting, effects, processing, etc. All this is also in accordance with the videographer, who must also have material for your wedding film, as his work is no less important - from which angle will he best catch your kiss or at what exact moment will he need a drone, and with which effect (emotion or style) you dsire they must be considered….Finally, it must happen at a time determined by the scenario of your wedding day, which believe me is sometimes quite complicated. So far we have understood that the relationship between a wedding agent, photographer and videographer is of great importance for the overall smooth running of a wedding. It's time to turn on the catering or restaurant. They, in turn, provide an opportunity to experience a variety of tastes and styles for the guests. From the exquisite food to the right customer service to the skillful desserts contribute to the atmosphere of pleasure and delight. Of course, you - the newlyweds together with the chef will select the most suitable menu, and the service staff together with your wedding planner determine the correct serving of every detail of your menu, keeping it in line with the rituals. Why should he comply with rituals, you will ask? Because no one will be happy to see on the film or the photos how, at the moment when the mother-in-law is feeding the young family in front of them, the waiter passes "laden" with the appetizer, and in the end it turns out that the photographer did not manage to capture that exact moment or just to have some unexpected company in your picture. Right? Here we add the catering/restaurant and its service staff to the team of the wedding agent, photographer and videographer. You all know that there is no wedding without music. The king of the party and master of the microphone are the people who have to convey your love and emotion to the guests and make sure the mood goes higher and higher until it leaves your guests shoeless, singing and dancing on the wedding dance floor. Each professional is unique because he has his own style of work, so here again we see the presence of your wedding agent, who should recommend you artists that match your musical wishes and emotion. The wedding DJ and the wedding presenter, despite their individual approach, to comply with the scenario of your wedding day and before each ritual have contact and preparation with the other part of the wedding team. The connecting element between them is the wedding planner, who as such is by your side on this day and strictly monitors the execution of every single moment. And if you have done everything right up to this point and you are sure of your choice of team, it remains to color your day with beauty. The choice of lighting, decorator and florist, which is very important not only for the bride, but also for the overall mood and experience. In most cases, your wedding organizer has professional florists in their wedding agency (although there is no FLORIST profession in Bulgaria) and decorators who, under their guidance, create the overall composition of the "PICTURE OF YOUR WEDDING DAY". Yes "painting" because the florist is a creator...the illuminator is a creator...the decorator is a creator... And all these professional artists are like a pebble in the mosaic of this important and exciting day. Their joint work and coordination create something greater than the sum of their individual efforts - creating an exciting and unique experience for you and everyone in attendance. THEY ARE YOUR WEDDING TEAM… WEDDINGS ARE A TEAM SPORT… That's why it's so important that the team you hire are in sync and work like a 'well-oiled machine'. Congratulations on your right choice and don't forget that your Love is our MUSE! I am Tanya Valkova, creator of Emotion Event wedding agency and I love meeting my newlyweds because I love WEDDINGS ….especially the ones I attend…..

Wedding decoration

Wedding decorations with natural flowers

Wedding decorations and decors with natural flowers Wedding decorations and decor with natural flowers are becoming more popular as couples embrace the beauty of nature. A popular trend in wedding arches is the natural style, which includes a variety of greenery and flowers such as eucalyptus, ivy and wildflowers. Also, using indoor flowers and greenery is a great way to create a unique look to your wedding celebration. Color schemes for 2024 are muted and earthy. Shades of blush, ivory and garden color are popular choices. Romantic wedding arches with natural flowers Some excellent options for a romantic wedding arch arranged with fresh flowers include roses, peonies, hydrangeas and gypsophila, all of which add a touch of elegance to any arch. For a soft and romantic feel, choose light pink and cream shades, while bold and bright colors like red are perfect for a vibrant and passionate touch. Lush greenery and draped fabric are additions that will add a sense of whimsical mood. Incorporating other natural elements such as branches, vines and even moss is very appropriate for a forest themed wedding. The arch can be personalized with monograms, initials and hanging lanterns. The key to creating a romantic natural flower wedding decoration is to let your decorator/florist's creativity flow, making sure that they will match the theme and style of your wedding. Wedding Decor Wedding decor combined with natural flowers is becoming increasingly popular due to its versatility and elegance. It can be both as a background for your cherished "I do" and behind your official wedding table or Corner for photos with your guests. The variety of compositions and installations for sets is now great, and arranging them in different styles allows achieving unique and magical visions. Using rich greenery to create volume continues to be desired by newlyweds. However, modern air arrangement with gypsophila in different colors or ombre look is more and more liked because it is something new and different in wedding decoration. No matter what style of wedding decor you choose, fairy lights, lanterns and candles are always appropriate and create a cozy and romantic atmosphere. Wedding decor arranged with natural flowers is the perfect choice for couples who want a stylish and impressive wedding. Decoration of the Official Wedding Table There are several options for creating a memorable atmosphere. One trend that has been popular in recent years is to incorporate lots of greenery, such as eucalyptus or ferns, to add a natural and voluminous touch. The other thing that is gaining popularity is related to the arrangement composition for your formal table. Central arrangements are displaced and remain in the past, and their place is taken by bold and unusual compositions - whether they will be massive arrangements tapering along the length of the table, or falling to the floor, or the accent will be positioned in front of the table, the important thing is to create a colorful elegant picture. And when this composition is enhanced with the right combination of types of live flowers, the effect is a striking and unique wedding table. Decoration of the tables for guests Regardless of whether you have settled on low or high arrangements for your guests' tables, it is very important to know that the overall look of a table is a collection of elements. In addition to the fabulous arrangement of natural flowers, which is made in the style of the whole wedding theme, planch plate, napkins made of fabric in a matching color and a personalized menu with the design of your invitations are important. Your guests will be delighted by the overall look of the table and your personal touch to them. Modern Minimalist Decor In White And Greenery The minimalist wedding decor in white and green creates a calm and serene atmosphere. This trend requires attention to detail. The key is to keep things simple and key elements are greenery, white colors and natural textures such as wood or stone. Table decorations include simple white floral arrangements or individual leaves scattered across the table and metallic sparkle, such as gold or silver candlesticks, for a touch of glitz. The minimalist approach allows you to show the beauty of nature, and the result is always stunning. To finish off this type of decoration, you can create a stunning background with hanging greenery or a living wall. Natural wedding decor can bring an earthy and romantic feel to your special day. From the elegance of botanical arrangements to the rustic charm of wooden accents, there are endless ways to create a magical atmosphere. Don't be afraid to get creative with your decor. From whimsical floral arrangements to simple table flowers, there are endless possibilities when incorporating natural elements into your wedding design. Ultimately, the key to creating beautiful natural wedding decor is to embrace the beauty of the natural world and let it inspire your vision. By working with the inherent textures and colors of flowers and foliage, you can create an unforgettable wedding day that you and your guests will cherish for years. Each wedding decoration is a unique picture created with your emotion. We at Emotion Event & Wedding turn your dreams into reality - from the invitations to the overall wedding design, every detail is created with love and attention to your celebration!

Wedding invitations

Individual and Unforgettable Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations are the first impression your guests get of the big day before the wedding itself. Not only do they inform about the date and venue, but they can also feel the mood and theme of your wedding. The ideal wedding invitations not only provide the necessary information, but also create a sense of anticipation and excitement among the guests. Here are some ideas and tips for creating personalized and memorable wedding invitations: 1. Custom Designs: - Explore options for custom wedding invitation designs that reflect your personality and wedding theme. Choose a color palette, fonts and decorations that match the style and aesthetic of your wedding. 2. Handmade details: - Add handmade details to wedding invitations, such as laces, brocades or stamps with special symbols or motifs. These unique additions will make any invitation more special and memorable. 3. Personalized messages: - Include personalized messages inside each wedding invitation to express your feelings and gratitude to guests for their support and presence. These messages can be hand written or printed with a unique style. 4. Alternative materials: - Use unconventional materials for your wedding invitations, such as cards, wood, fabric or even glass, to add texture and interest to the design. Such unusual materials can make invitations more memorable and create excitement among guests. 5. Interactive elements: - Explore opportunities to add interactive elements to wedding invitations, such as magnetic puzzles or cards with QR codes that lead to special online surprises or information about the wedding. These unusual elements will impress guests and make them feel special. 6. Thematic concepts: - Integrate themed concepts into the design of the wedding invitations that match the theme or location of the wedding, such as nautical motifs for a beach wedding or retro elements for a vintage theme. These thematic details will make the invitations unique and unforgettable for every guest. 7. Digital invitations: - Digital wedding invitations are becoming an increasingly popular choice among newlyweds who are looking for convenience, elegance and environmental morality. These innovative invitations are an electronic way to invite your guests to your wedding and offer a number of advantages over traditional paper invitations. They are extremely convenient and allow them to be sent instantly by email or through applications such as Viber, Messenger, WhatsApp, etc. This frees newlyweds from the stress and expense of printing and mailing paper invitations. Additionally, digital wedding invitations allow the prospective family to customize their invitations in a way that reflects their individuality and style. A variety of designs and options, including adding photos, videos and interactive elements are attracting more and more newlyweds and are a more eco-friendly choice than traditional paper invitations. Whether preferred for convenience, personalization or environmental conscience, digital wedding invitations are becoming the preferred choice for modern brides and grooms looking for innovative ways to start their wedding story. Creating individual and memorable wedding invitations requires attention to detail and creativity, but the result is a highly stimulating experience for you and your guests. Think of it as the beginning of an unforgettable journey that begins with a beautiful and personalized invitation. If you too are looking for a unique and individual treatment for you and your wedding, contact us !