One working day in the world of creating the dream "Yes"!

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Wedding planner

Our magical working day - from A to Z!

For a wedding planner, every working day is a unique dance against time, filled with tasks. It's where creativity and organization merge into one to create the perfect scene for one of the most important days in two people's lives.

I'm going to lift the curtain a bit on this world of dreams and realization so you too can experience the diverse excitement that our days are filled with.

The morning starts with an early wake up call - around 5:00 - 5:30 am, a mandatory coffee in the car and a visit to the flower growers or material importers. It's my way of taking in the deep inspiring air filled with the aroma of coffee and pleasant encounters on cold mornings. And honestly, starting my day before sunrise is perfect for me. It's how I'm able to enjoy every bright minute and get more tasks done. By about 8:00 am, I'm on my third coffee, energized, and finished with some of my commitments.

Walking into the agency, I've already transferred the remaining tasks I remember into my head - the others are written in my schedule, which I can't live without. I'm using the time until noon, while the newlyweds are still waking up, to reheat the computer - to order the vases and candle holders I need, to design the invitations, to finalize a quote or make some adjustments, and to have a few phone conversations with partners and colleagues.

A wedding planner has to be a master at managing the details...

And as I tick off each job done, I feel a presence from Viber, email and all the communication apps start to show me that the bride and groom need me. With them I'm jumping from a forest wedding to a "Boho" wedding, from the mountains to the sea and choosing not exactly that blue for the bridesmaids dress because it's too cold as a color.... and in the meantime not forgetting my family...Someone like me with three kids has to manage to maneuver between work and family, which in most cases is really not easy but interesting. The idea of lunch is already creeping into my head, or more accurately the question of whether I will be able to have lunch today??? Sometimes I don't make it, but I'm used to that too.... It's a good thing I have wonderful neighbors who know my busy schedule and sometimes pass by and ask me:

- "Tanche, did you manage to eat something?" and they hand me some fruit...Believe me it saves my life, because I see the kindness in people and my strength somehow comes back at a furious speed.

Afternoon is the time when most meetings with newlyweds happen, passing emotionally and inspiring. Caught up in solving possible snags or commenting on the scenario of a celebration, I don't realize when it's time for dinner... Lele, it's already 7:30pm and I haven't yet shopped and cooked for the 3 teenage throats at home... Will I make it...?????

This is the obligatory question... but I have no right to give up in front of it, although sometimes I really want to...

There are days I don't make it home by 9:00pm...., but there are no days I don't come home happy with my work and grateful for it!

A wedding planner's work day is a dance with time and emotions, but it creates something amazing - a day that will stay in the hearts of two people in love forever, and for me, it's magic - how we create the beginning of a lifetime together out of nothing!!! That's the magic of being a secret agent who loves her job!

Thank you!

P.S.. Soon I will immerse you in the emotions of a wedding day seen through our eyes, filled with lots of laughter, sometimes tension but always sleep deprived and content!