The marriage contract - the greatest freedom, but also responsibility

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 "Man and well to live ever marry" - you've heard it, right? ... and lives even better if he has previously signed a marriage contract.  

Marriage contract: When and why should you consider it?  

A contract can be made before or during marriage, and its name is a "marriage contract" regardless of when it is made.  

The reason to consider it before marriage is that people are not static. Accept that you and your partner will change over time and that your relationship will also need to change to accommodate those changes.  

No one can guarantee that a relationship will last a lifetime, but there are ways to increase the chances of it - a prenuptial agreement is one of them.  

They say the best marriages are built on teamwork. And a prenuptial agreement is precisely teamwork, not only because it is signed by both partners, but also because by entering into such a wedding contract, they are negotiating their greatest freedom, and with a sense of responsibility.

The key to signing a prenuptial agreement during marriage lies in balance. Because it's no secret that a happy marriage is based on a balance of interests. And what more wonderful balancer than a marriage contract in which the interests of both partners are spelled out in elegant detail.  

Are there advantages to entering into a marriage contract ? Oh yes! And not one.

Advantages of entering into a marriage contract

Here are three main ones for you to consider:

1. "Love has nothing to do with what you expect to get - it has to do with what you are willing to give" (Katharine Hepburn) - when two people love and respect each other, a marriage contract shouldn't bother them;

2. "Friendship after marriage";  

Ability for partners to remain friends in the event of divorce - in the event of (subsequent) separation, it is easier to divide movable and immovable property, or protect other previously affected clauses in the contract.

3. "Marital contract = integrity" - to keep one's own achievements and not infringe on the other's.

Marriage contract - for poor or for rich?

The words "the marriage contract is for couples with unequal incomes and estates" provoked me to think about why this perception and at the same time inspired me to share my thoughts on the matter.  

Any legal professional will advise you that a prenuptial agreement governs the property relations between a married couple. However, does this fact necessarily mean that financially independent spouses do not enter into a marriage contract ?

Is it only the fear of losing financial assets that drives this ?

The honest answer is: NO!, of course. Because FEAR is a "low vibration" that rich people don't know. They are rich because they take care of their wealth by making sure everything in their business and their wealth is structured and in order. It's a whole CULTURE of respect for money that rich people know well and apply to their lives. This is why wealthy spouses, when they get married, rightfully enter into a marriage contract with each other.  

To be rich, besides luck and ingenuity, you need INTELLIGENCE to preserve and increase your wealth. That is why an intelligent and wealthy person does not ignore the marriage contract. He knows it's a great (and easy) way to both preserve and increase his wealth.

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