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Vicky and Peter

Wedding decoration is an art...

... the art of combining in an ideal wedding arrangement types of flowers, colors, and why not fruits...

When we met with Vicki, she asked for a sunny wedding decoration. Most people associate the Sun with sunflowers, but not her. Vicky saw the Sun in sync with the strawberries, with tones of pink, white, and purple, all united by the red strawberries. "Mission impossible" - you say! But not for us!

We love challenges and we were delighted to make the dream wedding decoration for Vicky and Peter come true. In the decoration, in addition to fresh natural flowers and our passion for decorating, we used 15 kg of First Quality strawberries, because our newlyweds deserve the best.

And what was our surprise when the groom told us that, in addition to the unique decoration, we also delighted them with uniquely delicious strawberries... How so delicious?... It turned out that Peter could not resist the temptation and ate almost all the strawberries arranged among the flowers from their wedding table decoration.

What a more beautiful recognition for us - in addition to delighting the eyes, we have also contributed to the sweeter kisses of the young family!

Such are the emotions of the newlyweds of the Wedding Agency Emotion Event & Wedding.

If you also want to enjoy your wedding decoration and give yourself uniqueness and beauty in one, call us or write to us in the inquiry form!