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Borislava and Antoine

An incredible start to Wedding Season 2024!

Smiling, radiant and in love - these are Borislava and Antoine. And they were looking for a wedding agency that was smiling, radiant and in love with their work. They trusted us 100% and the result of their wedding decoration was stunning.

Fascinating gypsophila showered the arrangements like fluffy snow, while roses, gerberas and hydrangea hinted that spring was coming. And whether the colors of white and blue come from their love for the snow and the sea, we will keep a secret... But we will not hide their Gratitude to us.

Complete decoration, coordination and accessory production - invitations, guest gifts, envelope box, charity box, ritual candles, Goblet, wheat basket and candies for the Wedding Party, Wedding champagne, Ritual glasses, ring box, gift for the best men - unique hand-painted glasses and a bottle of wine for the best men, in a thematically decorated box and an exciting wedding day... All created with lots of love and emotions for Borreto and Antoine from us!

Wedding agency "Emotion Event & Wedding"

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