Tina and Vesco

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Tina and Vesco

Organizing this magical wedding, the decor was a bit of a debate, but the details and colors were clear from the start. Burgundy red is a royal color and we couldn't help but add a little more wedding luxury by adding the gold color in the candlesticks, the frames, the tablecloth of the official table and of course the Family Tree, which the guests had to complete by drawing as they wished. Colored eucalyptus and stuffed amaranthus added attraction and romance, and newlyweds Tina and Vesco made their dream wedding come true with our help.

Tina's parents were one of our first clients back in 2007, and since then their family has had its own wedding agent, decorator, florist, consultant for all kinds of fun occasions and a FRIEND with the name Emotion Event Wedding Agency.

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